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  2. I've seen bots that do that on other servers, and it seems interesting. I'll have out seven look into it. However, in the meantime just pm me on the discord and I'll create a separate rank/channel for your faction.
  3. Here is a suggestion for the discord, add a bot that is able to link your discord account with your Minecraft account on the server. (This would allow for faction management from inside of discord.) Example Discord: ExapmleDiscord: !Link ExampleMinecraft Linkbot: Link prompt sent! Click on the PM to link your account. (this wouldn't work if you're not logged on in both discord and Minecraft.) Minecraft: [Server -> You] Ready to link to discord account [ExampleDiscord]. Click here to link accounts. <DO NOT CLICK IF ExampleDiscord IS NOT YOUR ACCOUNT> *player clicks* Discord: Linkbot: Linking successful!
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  5. wait gopher is a crazy russian hacker?
  6. Oh, you answered all of my questions quite well! I am here to support and help see this through, I want the same thing as everyone else. I am sure if all goes the way you say it will, you will have no trouble getting new players and such. I still know people that would play, I know people from my school that would even play. The numbers do not even matter much, it's just the players that matter :). I really like this idea, the concept of the bosses implemented into factions and leaning more towards an 'RPG'. Extremely out of the box, very nice. Thank you for evaluating my concerns, as i am now sure that this is going to be good. Excited!
  7. Hello, I understand your concern, but this is not Chaos. This server is completely separate from Chaos. The reason I had stopped caring about Chaos was because everyone else gave up on it, and at the point in this video we had nobody but what I thought were friends on the server. I don't know why I thought everyone would've been alright with me hacking, but I did it and it's obviously not something to dwell on. On this (completely separate) server, we are running things a bit differently. Staff will be people that actually know about the server and random helpers and mods will not receive any admin permissions. On top of this, we will have some strict rules regarding the staff and how they act on the server. They will not be exempt from the rules and will even have their own set of rules to follow. "What's the plan?" Well I want to get a beta out (which should be out relatively soon) and then focus on classes, skills, and bosses during the beta. After that phase is over, we'll get the server ready for a complete release (and possibly reset the map, we're not exactly sure on that yet). After the release of the server I was planning on adding extra ultimate abilities for classes, more boss classes, holiday classes, bug fixes, and general server improvements regularly. For starters I want to focus on the RPG Factions server but I then want to create a normal factions server for a more competitive environment. This RPG Factions server will be more focused on the PVP and classes, though there will still be raiding and everything else. "How do you plan on getting started up?" During the beta I don't expect many players, but the ones that will play will probably be mostly old Chaos players. I can run the server for the foreseeable future out of pocket, but the webstore will probably help with that eventually. "How will you advertise in hopes of being better than Chaos?" I know we're going to be advertising to the usual websites that servers advertise to. We'll also be enabling voting. Apart from that, the main playerbase for the beta will probably be a few old Chaos players and a few other players that decide to join and stay from the server advertisement websites. After that, I believe we are going attempt to partner up with a few people. I hope I answered some of your questions. Feel free to ask more.
  8. Hello, My name is Jordan. I have played chaos in the past and i am extremely excited, and looking forward to this launch. I played chaos years ago and still would be to this day because that's just where my life memories are when it came to video games and playing with friends. The downfall of chaos was, extremely sad.. That is not what i am here to talk about though; I am here to talk about my concerns for this server and its community, I am aware that gopher is the owner and i respect that, because the server was handed down to him after the previous owner, '3SQ' who abandoned chaos without explanation and left it, after taking a large sum of money from the players. The owner now; gopher, back when he was owner and i still played, was extremely irresponsible. He did what he wanted, and seemed to not care. I understand that not a lot of people played, but my last impression of him was negative, and i hope that can change and he can be a great owner. I hope to be playing with my friends soon again, I also have some questions on how you plan on getting started up? How will you advertise in hope of becoming even better than chaos? What is the plan? These are all just questions after all . I do hope to hear from you soon, as i will be checking this site regularly. -Jordan ( )
  9. Hello, It has been a long while since i last posted. I can't explain why i keep coming back to check up, but i still do.
  10. When/how did you discover KaoticMC? when 1 of my friends hit me up and was like kaoticmc is made by the boyz If you had to change one thing about minecraft or KaoticMC, what would it be? more active forums on kaoticmc What is your favorite thing about KaoticMC? the boyz in it What is your favorite minecraft feature? servers Tell us a little about yourself in real life. nah Pancakes or waffles? (Was told this was the hardest question to answer, I apologize.) pancakes Star Trek or Star Wars? star wars because star trek for nerds How many languages do you speak? (Yes, C++ counts) xdd If you could live anywhere in the world (or off world, I mean, we are on a luxury space liner) where would it be? where i am now What do you like to do in your free time? tbh just play minecraft What is your preferred mode of transportation? Planes, trains, cars, boats, teleportation, or space ships? cars Would you rather travel as far as you like into the past, or future? past Please rate this survey on a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being awesome, 10 being the best thing ever).8.222222222242455555555555555558
  11. ye
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  13. its ya boi chaotic fucking legacy cringe
  14. 17 bruh
  15. Rules: There are a series of in game and out of game expectations for players to follow in order to protect the server and fellow players. The basic rules go as follows; be respectful, ethical and use common sense. Minor violations More than three of the same chat messages over a short time Over use of chat characters. Over capitalisation of chat characters. Uncontrolled needless cursing Warn → warn → kick → tempmute (10m-1h) → tempmute (20m-1.5h) → tempmute (3h-6h) → tempmute (12h-24h) → tempmute (1d-2d), recurring Chat offenses reset every 2 months. Appeals will be judged with leniency Mid level offenses. Harassment: racism, sexism and general discrimination Warn → kick → Tempmute (20m-12h) → tempmute (2d to 5d) → tempmute (2 weeks)x2 → tempban (3d) → permanent mute. Use of modifications which give you an unfair advantage over other players, including hacked clients. A list of legal mods can be found here: - Any attempts to disturb or lag the server. Avoiding minor penalties (Using an alt to avoid issued penalties). May vary depending on severity.. tempban (1 day) → tempban (7 days) → tempban (30 days) → permban → IP ban. Listed below are the offenses regarded as severe. The community will be used to decide whether the appeal is accepted or denied for first violation. The maximum offence in each category cannot be appealed. DDoS threat: 30 day tempban → perm ban → IP perm ban Carrying out a DDoS: IP perm ban Threats regarding individuals personal lives: tempmute (1 week - 1 month) → tempmute (1 month - 6 months) → perm mute Avoiding mid-level penalties (Using an alt to avoid issued penalties) IP ban for the length of the main offence → IP ban double the length of the main offence → perm IP ban [Tempmute and tempban lengths are by staff discretion]
  16. this man deserves a cookie

    1. Colonel_Marini


      LOL, As I was reading that message, I was literally pulling cookies out of the oven.Image.png

    2. ChaoticFaggaty
  17. is the new Discord. Just thought I'd reply to this as well as keep the announcement post.
  18. Hey y'all, My apologies for the delay of this update, we wanted to make this update a VLOG, however had many technical problems,and will hopefully do a VLOG next announcement. Then I said I'd make the next announcement when the discord was here, so if you can't guess already, the discord is here and ready for launch! If you already have a discord account, join here: If you don't have an account, make one here: Other than that, there isn't much to announce. Actually, I could announce a ton, but gopher would get mad at me for revealing it. So, have a great day! - Colonel
  19. Our apologies for the lack of updates, we were having technical difficulties. We will put one soon.

  20. o exicted
  21. Hey Quentin, thank you for your suggestion. Gopher and I actually talked about this yesterday, we decided that having a discord would be a great idea. We will officially announce the discord and it's information next update. Have a great day, - Colonel
  22. I suggest that an official discord server is created for kaoticmc, this will allow for real-time interaction outside of the server, we would also be able to use this for voice-chat. Another good use for it would be faction recruitment, where you could talk with potential recruits about the faction, plus it would be useful for development, where users could talk to admins, builders, and devs IRT about ideas for the server.
  23. Heyo everyone. My name's Ashley and I've been around this server since season 2 of Chaospvp. I'm 17 years old, I listen to a lot of music, watch a lot of anime, and I go to college. There's not much to know about me, but if you have any questions about me then feel free to ask them down below. Here's a random anime gif. Enjoy ;D
  24. Hello everyone! For this Pre-Launch update we have good news. We are now turning our attention to getting a beta-version up and running. We do not have a release date yet however our team is working very hard to get it ready for you. On the beta-server we will be testing new ideas and will be looking for feedback and suggestions from you so the server is all that much better for the full release. Other than that, the ranks, kits, and cosmetics are complete. (They will only be announced for the full release), and the economy is close to be done. Other than that, that's it for the official update. On a side note, to everyone who was in the path of Irma I hope you stayed safe and are ok. Have a great day, - Colonel
  25. Hey, this is our third pre launch update. To help us speed up our progress we now have a builder to help make spawn, and a new developer to help Hims make our server. Please welcome @despawningbone - Is our new developer. @Nova - Is our new builder. We are currently testing new ideas and I hope to have them ready for me to announce by the next update. Other than that there isn't much to update except for the fact that we're hard at work to get the server ready for you. Have a good day, - Colonel
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