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    Rules: There are a series of in game and out of game expectations for players to follow in order to protect the server and fellow players. The basic rules go as follows; be respectful, ethical and use common sense. Minor violations More than three of the same chat messages over a short time Over use of chat characters. Over capitalisation of chat characters. Uncontrolled needless cursing Warn → warn → kick → tempmute (10m-1h) → tempmute (20m-1.5h) → tempmute (3h-6h) → tempmute (12h-24h) → tempmute (1d-2d), recurring Chat offenses reset every 2 months. Appeals will be judged with leniency Mid level offenses. Harassment: racism, sexism and general discrimination Warn → kick → Tempmute (20m-12h) → tempmute (2d to 5d) → tempmute (2 weeks)x2 → tempban (3d) → permanent mute. Use of modifications which give you an unfair advantage over other players, including hacked clients. A list of legal mods can be found here: - Any attempts to disturb or lag the server. Avoiding minor penalties (Using an alt to avoid issued penalties). May vary depending on severity.. tempban (1 day) → tempban (7 days) → tempban (30 days) → permban → IP ban. Listed below are the offenses regarded as severe. The community will be used to decide whether the appeal is accepted or denied for first violation. The maximum offence in each category cannot be appealed. DDoS threat: 30 day tempban → perm ban → IP perm ban Carrying out a DDoS: IP perm ban Threats regarding individuals personal lives: tempmute (1 week - 1 month) → tempmute (1 month - 6 months) → perm mute Avoiding mid-level penalties (Using an alt to avoid issued penalties) IP ban for the length of the main offence → IP ban double the length of the main offence → perm IP ban [Tempmute and tempban lengths are by staff discretion]