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  1. yo. do u not rememberz mez? its like rusha bro ik you were friends on skype WE'RE COUSINS (sorry i saw that in a movie)
  2. So um... Hey. I'm Luke. I've been playing Chaos since Logdotzip announced on Twitter that'd he'd be playing on it, so basically the first days of its creation. I just wanted to make a tiny thread about who I am, and why I hope to be a part of this new server. I am 11 years old, going into Middle School. I was kinda hated on Chaos for being immature and awkward. I am an Overwatch geek, meaning I play like 2 hours every day at least. Chaos was one of my first Minecraft servers that I ever played on, and it was heartbreaking to see its demise. Gopher skyped me telling me about this server and I feel like it has gigantic potential. It is amazing and I would love to know if I can help in any way.
  3. woooooo this looks sick but u cant stop me from being a cryomancer
  4. Well I guess I'm the 11th to sign up :P