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  1. We started by testing the central processing unit, like we always do. If some of you are wondering why, it is because it is the brains behind the muscles in any laptop. Back to the CPU, we were thrilled to find an Intel Core i3 350 M processor working at a very good speed of 2.26 GHz, on a good front side bus (FSB) of 1066 MHz and very good 3 MB L2 cache. Also one can get support for all types of Lenovo laptop at Lenovo Support UK. It was very versatile and agile in all our tests and established itself as a powerful yet silent processor. We gladly give it 10 out of a maximum 10 points here. Next, the 4 GB of PC3 8500 DDR3 memory working at a speed of 1066 MHz complemented our good opinions. The memory promises very good performance in all the latest games. However, let's take a look at the graphics processing unit (GPU).