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  1. you will not take my cookies

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      They weren't yours to begin with, I baked them :)

  2. Here is a suggestion for the discord, add a bot that is able to link your discord account with your Minecraft account on the server. (This would allow for faction management from inside of discord.) Example Discord: ExapmleDiscord: !Link ExampleMinecraft Linkbot: Link prompt sent! Click on the PM to link your account. (this wouldn't work if you're not logged on in both discord and Minecraft.) Minecraft: [Server -> You] Ready to link to discord account [ExampleDiscord]. Click here to link accounts. <DO NOT CLICK IF ExampleDiscord IS NOT YOUR ACCOUNT> *player clicks* Discord: Linkbot: Linking successful!
  3. I suggest that an official discord server is created for kaoticmc, this will allow for real-time interaction outside of the server, we would also be able to use this for voice-chat. Another good use for it would be faction recruitment, where you could talk with potential recruits about the faction, plus it would be useful for development, where users could talk to admins, builders, and devs IRT about ideas for the server.
  4. I am a chaospvp veteran (been here since the first reset) and I know what went wrong the first time. the outside shop The server was very irl money based. and one of my suggestions is to have a 2% chance (or lower) to get a random rank from the highest tier key. Also have it so you can use any kit from a rank lower then yours. Another suggestion is to be able to get a stack of hoppers for 5$ (if hoppers are as expensive as they used to be) the size and the resets *CRUCIAL* A thing i noticed that the old server had problems with, was the amount of resets. And I think it was because of the tiny world borders. There ended up being about a reset per month in the end before the server died. I think to avoid that problem we need a large worldborder. (not necessarily huge, but large enough for a reset to take at least 3 months.) at least 50K/50K (nether maxed out.) Also having the end be a complete no-building zone is a bad idea also. (perhaps the entire main island is one and then there's a gateway to get away from it.) either way the end is now a very valuable dimension and should not be ignored. PVP HATE ME ALL YOU WANT! 1.9 PvP IS more balanced and fair. Now, I know it's hard to get used to for people who still haven't learned how to use it yet. maybe put a sign saying to enable your attack indicator in video settings. I'm a terrible fast clicker and I feel like it's better for people to get to know how to use it anyways. Sooner or later it's going to be inevitable. Spawners I feel like spawners were the main thing that had no real problems. However I feel that them requiring silk touch was a bit of an annoyance maybe sell silk touch books at the shop. (or a custom spawner-miner enchant. Mining I feel like mining should have bonuses (and more than just a spawner every billion blocks) maybe diamonds are worth a lot? (obvs with good xray prevention) I really don't want this server to die and these are things I feel like could help it keep me interesting. I don't expect all of these to be added (although I would like them to be.) and obviously some people disagree with me and I will try to respect that.
  5. YOu will NEED to increase the worldborder size if you don't want to have to reset every month. Do it 50kX50k, that will be a reset every 3 months or so. 10x10 is tiny. It's what killed the original in the first place.
  6. Oh wow we're still doing this server necromancy thing?