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  1. Oh, you answered all of my questions quite well! I am here to support and help see this through, I want the same thing as everyone else. I am sure if all goes the way you say it will, you will have no trouble getting new players and such. I still know people that would play, I know people from my school that would even play. The numbers do not even matter much, it's just the players that matter :). I really like this idea, the concept of the bosses implemented into factions and leaning more towards an 'RPG'. Extremely out of the box, very nice. Thank you for evaluating my concerns, as i am now sure that this is going to be good. Excited!
  2. Hello, My name is Jordan. I have played chaos in the past and i am extremely excited, and looking forward to this launch. I played chaos years ago and still would be to this day because that's just where my life memories are when it came to video games and playing with friends. The downfall of chaos was, extremely sad.. That is not what i am here to talk about though; I am here to talk about my concerns for this server and its community, I am aware that gopher is the owner and i respect that, because the server was handed down to him after the previous owner, '3SQ' who abandoned chaos without explanation and left it, after taking a large sum of money from the players. The owner now; gopher, back when he was owner and i still played, was extremely irresponsible. He did what he wanted, and seemed to not care. I understand that not a lot of people played, but my last impression of him was negative, and i hope that can change and he can be a great owner. I hope to be playing with my friends soon again, I also have some questions on how you plan on getting started up? How will you advertise in hope of becoming even better than chaos? What is the plan? These are all just questions after all . I do hope to hear from you soon, as i will be checking this site regularly. -Jordan ( )
  3. Hello, It has been a long while since i last posted. I can't explain why i keep coming back to check up, but i still do.
  4. Dear "KaoticMC" Hello, my name is Jordan. I have played chaospvp when it was at its prime, I played with the youtubers that played. Logdotzip, and SCMowns. This server was the first minecraft server i have ever played. I learned how to craft a diamond sword playing this server, and its downfall was extremely sad to see. As the owner 3SQ blindly gave owner to an Administrator or a Mod, One of the two. As i see this as a mistake, I show my sympathy to everybody that misses chaospvp. I sure do. But i found this site and realized that maybe we can rebuild it. Not chaos, But a better server. But in order to do that we need mature people who are looking to actually make a good server that is enjoyable to a majority of the base of players. Although i understand it is a lot of work for teenagers, (i cannot say a specific age group) But i do think it is possible. I really do miss chaos and hope to see something better rise from the ashes of the fire. I will check this site every other day for responses, But chaos was honestly a perfect server in my opinion. Although i was a little kid who had a big mouth, It was very fun to play with people. Believe it or not, I still talk to some of the people i played with today on a day to day basis! It's just a game, But it's much more when you are apart of a community that is too perfect for words. I am willing to help in any way i can! -JordanProGaming