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  1. Hello everyone. I know we don't really use the website much, but I just wanted to inform anyone that isn't in the Discord (you totally should be by the way. It's a memefest. that the KitPVP server is releasing today at 4PM EST (Saturday the 13th of January). I hope that I see some of your sweet sweet faces there! The IP is Here are some of the features of the server: - Custom Enchantments - Kits that are buyable with ingame money - Gangs - Mob Camps - Crates - Auction House - Leaderboards - More to come (Note: We are not stopping development on the factions server. It's just taking a lot longer than anticipated)
  2. Hello, I understand your concern, but this is not Chaos. This server is completely separate from Chaos. The reason I had stopped caring about Chaos was because everyone else gave up on it, and at the point in this video we had nobody but what I thought were friends on the server. I don't know why I thought everyone would've been alright with me hacking, but I did it and it's obviously not something to dwell on. On this (completely separate) server, we are running things a bit differently. Staff will be people that actually know about the server and random helpers and mods will not receive any admin permissions. On top of this, we will have some strict rules regarding the staff and how they act on the server. They will not be exempt from the rules and will even have their own set of rules to follow. "What's the plan?" Well I want to get a beta out (which should be out relatively soon) and then focus on classes, skills, and bosses during the beta. After that phase is over, we'll get the server ready for a complete release (and possibly reset the map, we're not exactly sure on that yet). After the release of the server I was planning on adding extra ultimate abilities for classes, more boss classes, holiday classes, bug fixes, and general server improvements regularly. For starters I want to focus on the RPG Factions server but I then want to create a normal factions server for a more competitive environment. This RPG Factions server will be more focused on the PVP and classes, though there will still be raiding and everything else. "How do you plan on getting started up?" During the beta I don't expect many players, but the ones that will play will probably be mostly old Chaos players. I can run the server for the foreseeable future out of pocket, but the webstore will probably help with that eventually. "How will you advertise in hopes of being better than Chaos?" I know we're going to be advertising to the usual websites that servers advertise to. We'll also be enabling voting. Apart from that, the main playerbase for the beta will probably be a few old Chaos players and a few other players that decide to join and stay from the server advertisement websites. After that, I believe we are going attempt to partner up with a few people. I hope I answered some of your questions. Feel free to ask more.
  3. is the new Discord. Just thought I'd reply to this as well as keep the announcement post.
  4. When/how did you discover KaoticMC? Back in 2014 I made a server with a friend, we called it KaoticMC. It was factions and eventually turned into Kitpvp, skywars, and almost had prisons before the owner shut it down because of lack of funding. If you had to change one thing about minecraft or KaoticMC, what would it be? If I could change one thing, it would be to force myself to work more. I haven't worked on the server nearly enough and want to change that. What is your favorite thing about KaoticMC? The fact that even after Chaos fell, that we still have loyal people that want to see more from us. What is your favorite minecraft feature? The server aspect, it's great and I was drawn to it when I first bought Minecraft. I had a server up (from a crappy scammy server company) within a week of having the game. Although I didn't know anything about servers then, I kept on trying and eventually figured out how to make servers. Tell us a little about yourself in real life. My name is Chance, I like dogs, and I like cookies. Pancakes or waffles? (Was told this was the hardest question to answer, I apologize.) Waffles Star Trek or Star Wars? Star Wars (Star Trek is boring) If you could live anywhere in the world (or off world, I mean, we are on a luxury space liner) where would it be? Mars. This requires no explanation because Mars is awesome. What do you like to do in your free time? Play video games, sit outside, and go on short walks. What is your preferred mode of transportation? Planes, trains, cars, boats, teleportation, or space ships? Roller Coasters. Would you rather travel as far as you like into the past, or future? Neither because messing with time is probably a terrible idea (For example, Flashpoint.) Please rate this survey on a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being awesome, 10 being the best thing ever). I give it a solid 7
  5. Hi friends, today I'm starting something that may or may not stick, not sure yet. I'll be giving you guys updates on the progress of the RPG Factions server as we finish things. I'm aiming for weekly updates, but I might not be able to keep up with it. With all that said, let's get into it. So, in this server we're going to have 9 classes. We hope to launch a beta when we get one of each profession (Archer, Mage, Warrior) done and at least one boss finished, but that's not set in stone as we may just want to power through things and launch a test map before the full release. Right now we have Pyromancer completed entirely and I'm going to be walking through the skills. Here is the skill menu: Fire Ball: Your main skill, this skill is required before you can use any other skill Feel The Burn: Cleansing Flames: Flame On: Flaming Rain: Dragon Breath: Your ultimate skill. I'll show a small gif of it to give you a taste of skills. Fire At Will: Now, this skill is a little different. This is one that you have to find yourself. Each class has a secret skill, and they all require you to shift with a certain item in hand. The item has something to do with the class, so be on the look out for cool things that might happen. So that's it for now, sorry there's not much here for today but there'll probably be more in the future!
  6. Well, currently the server is taking longer than it should be taking. I believe it is because of lack of communication from the other two owners. All that really needs to be done is the custom plugins, and they don't seem to be getting done. Right now my only option is to make a second server. This server will be factions with skills and classes and is going to be run by myself and RReality. Right now it's in the very early stages, but we will be trying our hardest to get it up and running. At the moment we have 9 classes somewhat planned out and have started working on some of their skills. If you have any recommendations for skills, leave them below. The classes are listed here: I know most of you aren't here for that, and that's alright. This server will be on the same network, but it will not be replacing the other server. I believe this server could be a very fun and unique experience for everyone and I hope you all will stick with me through these times. I apologize if any of you were hoping for the main server to come out. I just wanted to keep you all informed.
  7. Hi friend. We're working hard to release the server and hopefully it'll be done soon. All we need to do is get 2(maybe 1) plugins finished, finish the economy, finish a single crate, finish up perms, finish up some configs, and finally we need to get a youtuber or maybe a few. Hopefully we'll get this all done soon because I really can't wait for everyone to see the server!
  8. The worldborder may be slightly increased to about 15k, but I see no real need to make it 50k because it will be almost impossible to find any bases that aren't corners. Our first season is basically a testing phase. We won't really have any data on the server until we actually release (We will hopefully be releasing soon, some issues have come up) We aim to make this server "not p2w" and to achieve that goal, we have tried to make things based around grinding rather than buying perks. Although paying for things will give you a boost, we do not want to restrict the players that don't want to pay real money. We're not having 1.9 pvp, and even if we were using 1.9+ we wouldn't use the pvp system. But we wish we could bring the server to the latest version without losing almost every player. Silktouch books may be given out in a public kit, I'm not entirely sure yet.
  9. Hello everyone, welcome to KaoticMC. This server is the child of myself, ItsSilentShot, and JustCallMeHims. We have been very busy with the server and it's nearing completion, but we don't have a release date yet. Now, the main purpose of this thread is to show you some of the cool features of the server. Spawners: Spawners are very different from other servers. Usually iron golem spawners would rule the server, and they still play a major role in our server, but we have a higher tier of spawner. That tier is villagers. Now I know what you must be thinking, "villagers? What the heck is a villager spawner doing in a factions server?" but we have customized the drops of them. They drop emeralds and they also drop experience without you having to kill them yourself. That's pretty neat, huh? Apart from this, spawners are upgradable. You can upgrade the spawn rate, the player range, and the maximum nearby entities on spawners. Factions Top: Now, I'll be making a post about this at a later date, and I can't say much about it at the current moment, but our f top is going to be completely custom. No more of the days where PVP doesn't matter at all in factions, PVP will be a decent sized part of the server. Crates: While crates are purchasable on the store, you can obtain any crate key from voting crates. There will also be ways ingame to obtain crate keys, for example we have a chat game system. In chat there'll be a word scramble every so often. This will give you a rare crate key if you solve it in a certain amount of time. KoTHs: There will be KoTHs on the server. Winning these will allow you to obtain special and/or unique items. World: The overworld is is 10k by 10k (Negative 10k to positive 10k) The nether is 2k by 2k (Negative 2k to positive 2k) The end is a no building zone, it contains a KoTH and is 500 by 150 There will be more information to come. I will be leaving this thread open for speculation, hype, and feedback. Hope your day/night is well. -Gopher