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  1. wait gopher is a crazy russian hacker?
  2. When/how did you discover KaoticMC? when 1 of my friends hit me up and was like kaoticmc is made by the boyz If you had to change one thing about minecraft or KaoticMC, what would it be? more active forums on kaoticmc What is your favorite thing about KaoticMC? the boyz in it What is your favorite minecraft feature? servers Tell us a little about yourself in real life. nah Pancakes or waffles? (Was told this was the hardest question to answer, I apologize.) pancakes Star Trek or Star Wars? star wars because star trek for nerds How many languages do you speak? (Yes, C++ counts) xdd If you could live anywhere in the world (or off world, I mean, we are on a luxury space liner) where would it be? where i am now What do you like to do in your free time? tbh just play minecraft What is your preferred mode of transportation? Planes, trains, cars, boats, teleportation, or space ships? cars Would you rather travel as far as you like into the past, or future? past Please rate this survey on a scale of 1 to 10. (1 being awesome, 10 being the best thing ever).8.222222222242455555555555555558
  3. ye
  4. good shit
  5. its ya boi chaotic fucking legacy cringe
  6. 17 bruh
  7. this man deserves a cookie

    1. Colonel_Marini


      LOL, As I was reading that message, I was literally pulling cookies out of the oven.Image.png

    2. ChaoticFaggaty
  8. my dad
  9. oh shit waddup i think im the 3rd person to sign up

    1. JoshSud


      i guess that makes me fourth

    2. ChaoticFaggaty
  10. sems legit