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  1. Elo Boosting Jax, the Master of Arms, is one of the original champions of League of Legends. It is a body to body warrior capable of causing great damage with their attacks while enduring a lot of damage. It has great mobility and the ability to stun rivals, being quite comfortable to play for new players and very fun for those who are willing to delve more into everything it offers. He carries a lamp as a weapon, with which he hits his rivals, which makes him even better than he already is. Relentless (passive) assault: Basic Jax attacks increase their attack speed steadily up to a maximum of eight charges. When it does not hit, the loads that have been accumulated descend progressively, as well as the speed of attack that has been obtained. Jump in jump (Q): Jax can jump on a unit, both ally and enemy, hitting in this last case. Jax's ability is essential to know how to handle it, because it serves both to reach enemies and escape if you are in a problem. Damage to the Jump Strike increases depending on the Attack Damage and the additional Skill Power we gain. Power (W): Jax charges his energy weapon to make his next shot deal additional damage. This attack automatically restarts the basic attacks. That is to say, if we give an auto-attack and at the moment of hitting, we press the W, we will give the potentiated blow without having to wait to give a second basic attack to hit. Empowerment increases the damage it inflicts based on the Power of Ability. Counterattack: For a maximum of two seconds, Jax will dodge all attacks it receives, both from champions and enemies, monsters of the jungle or even towers. In addition, he receives 25% less damage from area effect abilities. After those two seconds, Jax makes a counterattack that stuns all the enemies that are close to him, stuning them for a second and inflicting damage. Counterattack deals physical damage and scale based on the additional Attack Damage we have. Teacher's Power (R): Jax's ultimate ability is, in addition to an active ability, a passive ability. Once we learn it at level 6, Jax's third auto-attack will do additional magical damage, which will be greater depending on the Power of Ability that we have. When using Master Power, Jax receives a bonus of armor and magic resistance based on Attack Damage and Power of Ability, respectively. During its cooling period, the teacher's passive Power is maintained. The best option as the first ability is the E, as it will allow you to stun enemies in case of an early confrontation and to dodge some attacks. Then the Q is recommended, in order to gain that extra mobility, although from level 4 it is best to place the rest of the skill points in the W, Cheap Elo Boosting is the last skill that you improve to the maximum.