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  1. Communicating as a remote CEO isn’t just about writing — it’s also about how well and how often you’re communicating. While communication is critical for CEOs who have co-located companies, the importance of communicating well is amplified in a remote company. As Jeff Robbins, founder of Lullabot (another fantastic Know Your Team customer), has said:
  2. Similarly, Help Scout’s Head of People Ops Becca Van Nederynen shared that, “You can’t dip your toe into remote work, it requires 100% commitment.” At Know Your Team, there’s no way we’d be successful as a remote company if it was just something we tried out part-of-the-time, or only allowed some employees to partake in. Someone, at some point, would have been left hanging. I’ve found being 100% committed to remote work from the get-go has been an advantageous choice to make as a CEO.
  3. The other thing to factor in , is both these machines are token based , or you can buy unlimited use packages , if you have the volume of jobs to do then unlimited use options will be more viable than tokens , if you dont have the volume of work then tokens can become more viable than unlimited use packages , again only you can work out which suits your needs most. if working on tokens or unlimited use , you have to factor in your token costs , ie tokens can cost you between £7.50 and £25 per key you code , so is an additional cost to factor in when quoting per job , unlimited use , lets say this costs you £20 per day , if no jobs then you lose that £20 per day , if doing 1 job a day that job costs you £20 to be factored in so can be dearer than tokens , but if doing 3 to 4 jobs a day unlimited use can be far cheaper .
  4. (the info is in the Owners manual you get with the car) If you buy a brand new keyfob you also have an extra step where you have to assign the new fob to work with the cars frequency, then you have to do the second stage as above which is programming it to the immobiliser