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  1. sex toy boobs with mouth and vulva leaf sex toy sex toys couples silicone egg adult toy Diet to recover intestinal transit in 4 days | Taking certain foods in excess, abusing fat or not drinking enough water can cause our intestines to suffer. To restore the rhythm, it is advisable to review the diet and gradually increase the intake of high-fiber foods, such as fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains or nuts. It is not convenient to ingest, overnight, large amounts of fiber, since we could achieve the opposite effect to the desired one, with the appearance of symptoms such as gas, bloating and discomfort. We must also avoid resorting to laxatives constantly, as they can make the intestine more vague. Before choosing this option, start by reviewing the diet, since sometimes it is just a matter of correcting small errors in everyday habits. Another important aspect is hydration. We have to increase our water intake while taking more fiber. To help you, we suggest you follow a simple 4-day diet, with which you will be able to eat healthy and recover the intestinal transit. Day 1 Breakfast: A cup of coffee or green tea, a whole wheat toast with a slice of ham and an apple. Mid-morning: Pear juice and a rice pancake. Food: Pasta with cheese and oregano, grilled salmon and a slice of watermelon. Snack: 2 cookies and an ounce of dark chocolate. Dinner: Natural tomato salad, steamed mussels and a low-fat yogurt. Day 2 Breakfast: A cup of coffee or green tea, 1-2 whole wheat toast with fresh low-fat cheese and a peach. Mid-morning: Three cookies. Food: Lentil salad, garlic chicken and a skimmed yogurt. Snack: A toast of white bread with a slice of ham or turkey. Dinner: Tomato soup, tortilla and a skimmed yogurt. Day 3 Breakfast: A cup of coffee or green tea, whole grains with vegetable milk and a peach. Mid-morning: Green juice (for example, apple, celery and carrot). Food: Green salad with canons and tomato, rabbit with leek sauce and a slice of melon. Snack: Two cookies and a glass of skim milk with cocoa. Dinner: Zucchini cream, baked sardines and a skimmed yogurt. Day 4 Breakfast: A cup of coffee or green tea with skim milk, a whole wheat toast with ham and an apple. Mid-morning: A curd or yogurt with a handful of nuts. Food: Watercress with avocado, loin of hake with peas and an orange. Snack: Seasonal fruit juice. Dinner: Noodle soup, grilled turkey burger and a skimmed yogurt. You may also be interested: Lazy intestines: Include radishes in your diet and discover the natural remedies for constipation: the 10 natural allies. exercise equipment that looks like sex toys star wars for adults toys