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Found 5 results

  1. Hey y'all, My apologies for the delay of this update, we wanted to make this update a VLOG, however had many technical problems,and will hopefully do a VLOG next announcement. Then I said I'd make the next announcement when the discord was here, so if you can't guess already, the discord is here and ready for launch! If you already have a discord account, join here: If you don't have an account, make one here: Other than that, there isn't much to announce. Actually, I could announce a ton, but gopher would get mad at me for revealing it. So, have a great day! - Colonel
  2. Hello everyone! For this Pre-Launch update we have good news. We are now turning our attention to getting a beta-version up and running. We do not have a release date yet however our team is working very hard to get it ready for you. On the beta-server we will be testing new ideas and will be looking for feedback and suggestions from you so the server is all that much better for the full release. Other than that, the ranks, kits, and cosmetics are complete. (They will only be announced for the full release), and the economy is close to be done. Other than that, that's it for the official update. On a side note, to everyone who was in the path of Irma I hope you stayed safe and are ok. Have a great day, - Colonel
  3. Hey, this is our third pre launch update. To help us speed up our progress we now have a builder to help make spawn, and a new developer to help Hims make our server. Please welcome @despawningbone - Is our new developer. @Nova - Is our new builder. We are currently testing new ideas and I hope to have them ready for me to announce by the next update. Other than that there isn't much to update except for the fact that we're hard at work to get the server ready for you. Have a good day, - Colonel
  4. Hello everyone! We apologize for not updating y'all sooner, but two of our owners were sick, we have at least one of them back, and it's back to full steam ahead now. I'm afraid that due to them being sick we haven't been able to get too much done for the server. However I felt it necessary to notify y'all that we're back on track. If you want the information on what we've got done so far, it's posted below and if you could provide ideas and suggestions that'd be awesome, if not, I hope we'll be able to get back to weekly updates and that's all for today. Chronomancer: Uses time to warp and bend reality to suit their needs. Cryomancer: Uses the power of ice to immobilize their enemies and send a chill down their spine. Pyromancer: Set enemies ablaze with the power of the flame. Hunter: Equipped with an array of trick arrows, the hunter is a force to be afraid of. Marksman: Never misses a shot… Well, most of the time anyway. Ranger: Uses their mobility and assassination techniques to defeat even the most powerful foes. Brute: Very strong attacks, very weak defense Tank: Very strong defense, very weak attacks. Knight: Very adept with their sword and an overall balanced warrior. Necromancer: The Necromancer raises the undead to fight for them. Only the darkest of souls can possess such magic. Shaman: The ancient art of the totems has been passed down for generations. Only those who defeat The Elder Shaman can access such mystical power. Chronomancer: Time Travel (Max Level 1): Saves your location then teleports you back to it 10 seconds later Time push (Max Level 3): Saves your target’s location then pushes them and deals 1 (+1 per level) true damage, they teleport back to their original location 3 seconds later Time Wave (Max Level 5): Sends out an uncontrollable wave of time energy with a 60% (+5% per level) chance to slow your enemies and give you speed, and a 40% (-5% per level) chance to give you slowness and your enemies speed. Time Jump (Max Level 1): Jump through the time stream to a spot within 35 blocks of you, just beware of the side effects of messing with time travel (Effects may include blindness, nausea, strength, resistance, absorption, slowness). Chaos Theory (Class Ultimate): Stops time for everyone within 10 blocks of you for 5 seconds (Freezes them, they can’t deal damage or use skills) and gives you speed 3 for 8 seconds. Also has a 20% chance to freeze you. About Time (Max Level 3): Gain haste 1 and speed 1 for 10(+5 per level) seconds on use. Cryomancer: Ice Shard (Max Level 5): damages the enemy and slows them (slowness 1) for 4(+1 per level) seconds on impact Blizzard (Max Level 3): Summons an icy storm around you for 5(+4 per level) seconds dealing damage, knockback, and slowness 1 for 4 seconds to anyone within the radius Frost Snake (Max Level 3): Control an icy snake that damages anyone that it hits. Damage increases per level. Flash Freeze (Max Level 1): Throws a projectile that spawns a circle of cobwebs around the target for 4 seconds. Sub-Zero (Class Ultimate): Has a 50% chance to give everyone within 15 blocks of you slowness 2 and weakness 2 for 10 seconds and a 50% chance to give you slowness 1 and strength 3 for 5 seconds Icy Landing (Max level 3): When falling on any ice-based blocks, your fall damage is reduced 50% (+ 5% per level) Pyromancer: Fire Ball (Max Level 5): Shoots a ball of fire towards the target dealing 5 (+4 per level) damage and igniting the target for 2 seconds. Cleansing Flames (Max Level 1): Creates a circle of fire around you that clears all negative effects Flame On (Max Level 3): Encases you in a ring of fire that sets people ablaze when attacked and decreases damage taken by 10%(+5% per level) for 5 seconds Flaming Rain (Max Level 1): Rains fire from above onto your target dealing damage and setting them on fire for 5 seconds Dragon Breath (Class Ultimate): Shoots a continuous flame at target dealing continuous fire damage and igniting the enemy for 3 seconds at the end. Feel The Burn (Max Level 3): Gives you fire resistance and regeneration 1 for 5( +1 per level) seconds when you’re set on fire Hunter: Hunter’s Quiver (Max Level 5): Crouch to swap between an array of arrows ranging from poison to nausea. Each level unlocks the next type of arrow. Blunt Arrow (Max Level 3): Fires a single arrow that does major knockback and gives target nausea 2 for 5(+2 per level) seconds. Hunter’s Mark (Max Level 1): Mark your target making them take more damage from ANY source for 10 seconds. Bear Trap (Max Level 3): Drop a bear trap at your feet that deals damage to a single player within 5 blocks of you and roots them in place for 5 seconds. Bombardment (Class Ultimate): Bombards the target with arrows dealing massive damage and knock back. Call Of The Wild (Max Level 1): Has a 10% chance to summon a wolf when you take damage that lasts for 1 minute, has 50 health, and does decent damage (Not sure how much yet) Marksman: Hilt Shot (Max Level 3): Shoot a perfect shot at your opponent’s weapon, loosening their grasp on the weapon and giving you a 10% chance (+5% per level) to disarm them. Ranger: Name Goes Here (Max level 5) +5% speed boost +15% speed boost when tagged in combat (7.5 seconds) +2% each level, +.25 seconds Brute: Skull Smash (Max Level 5): Hits your enemy with a powerful blow to the head dealing damage and giving them nausea for 5(+1 per level) seconds Power Bash (Max Level 3): Charge up your weapon to hit an enemy with 3(+1 per level) extra damage than normal. Ground Slam (Max Level 3): Slam the ground with extreme force sending enemies flying into the air dealing damage and giving them slowness 2 when they hit the ground (does not make them take fall damage) Bloodlust (Class Ultimate): Gain a MAJOR damage and speed boost and MAJOR decrease in damage resistance for 10 seconds. Tank: Defensive Stance (Class Ultimate): Gain MAJOR damage resistance and jump boost and MAJOR decrease in damage output for 10 seconds. Knight: Code of Chivalry (Max level 3): +3% damage & +3 damage when fully armoured +3 bonus damage when on horse (+1%, +0.75 damage, & +0 bonus damage per level) Death Trample (Passive?) Horses cause damage to enemies occupying same space if it has has a knight rider. Causes -10% speed to trampled enemies (If possible??) Shaman: Totem of Life (Max Level 1): Puts down a totem that heals you and allies within a certain radius. Totem of Death (Max Level 1): Puts down a totem that damages any enemies that stand within the radius of the totem Totem of Power (Max Level 1): Puts down a totem that gives strength to any allies within the radius Necromancer: Raise Zombie (Max Level 3): Raises 1 undead minion (+1 per level) that does 4 damage per hit, has 10 health, and lasts for 10 (+5 per level) seconds or until dead. Living Death (Max Level 1): When your health drops below 3 hearts, gain regeneration 3 and strength 3 for 4 seconds **Note: Not all of this is complete, just ideas. This information is subject to change.** Thank you for your patience and have a great day, - Colonel
  5. Hi friends, today I'm starting something that may or may not stick, not sure yet. I'll be giving you guys updates on the progress of the RPG Factions server as we finish things. I'm aiming for weekly updates, but I might not be able to keep up with it. With all that said, let's get into it. So, in this server we're going to have 9 classes. We hope to launch a beta when we get one of each profession (Archer, Mage, Warrior) done and at least one boss finished, but that's not set in stone as we may just want to power through things and launch a test map before the full release. Right now we have Pyromancer completed entirely and I'm going to be walking through the skills. Here is the skill menu: Fire Ball: Your main skill, this skill is required before you can use any other skill Feel The Burn: Cleansing Flames: Flame On: Flaming Rain: Dragon Breath: Your ultimate skill. I'll show a small gif of it to give you a taste of skills. Fire At Will: Now, this skill is a little different. This is one that you have to find yourself. Each class has a secret skill, and they all require you to shift with a certain item in hand. The item has something to do with the class, so be on the look out for cool things that might happen. So that's it for now, sorry there's not much here for today but there'll probably be more in the future!