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Hello everyone, welcome to KaoticMC. This server is the child of myself, ItsSilentShot, and JustCallMeHims. We have been very busy with the server and it's nearing completion, but we don't have a release date yet. Now, the main purpose of this thread is to show you some of the cool features of the server.



Spawners are very different from other servers. Usually iron golem spawners would rule the server, and they still play a major role in our server, but we have a higher tier of spawner. That tier is villagers. Now I know what you must be thinking, "villagers? What the heck is a villager spawner doing in a factions server?" but we have customized the drops of them. They drop emeralds and they also drop experience without you having to kill them yourself. That's pretty neat, huh? Apart from this, spawners are upgradable. You can upgrade the spawn rate, the player range, and the maximum nearby entities on spawners.


Factions Top:

Now, I'll be making a post about this at a later date, and I can't say much about it at the current moment, but our f top is going to be completely custom. No more of the days where PVP doesn't matter at all in factions, PVP will be a decent sized part of the server.



While crates are purchasable on the store, you can obtain any crate key from voting crates. There will also be ways ingame to obtain crate keys, for example we have a chat game system. In chat there'll be a word scramble every so often. This will give you a rare crate key if you solve it in a certain amount of time.



There will be KoTHs on the server. Winning these will allow you to obtain special and/or unique items.



The overworld is is 10k by 10k (Negative 10k to positive 10k)

The nether is 2k by 2k (Negative 2k to positive 2k)

The end is a no building zone, it contains a KoTH and is 500 by 150


There will be more information to come. I will be leaving this thread open for speculation, hype, and feedback. Hope your day/night is well.








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YOu will NEED to increase the worldborder size if you don't want to have to reset every month.

Do it 50kX50k, that will be a reset every 3 months or so.

10x10 is tiny. It's what killed the original in the first place.

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