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Well, currently the server is taking longer than it should be taking. I believe it is because of lack of communication from the other two owners. All that really needs to be done is the custom plugins, and they don't seem to be getting done. Right now my only option is to make a second server. This server will be factions with skills and classes and is going to be run by myself and RReality. Right now it's in the very early stages, but we will be trying our hardest to get it up and running. At the moment we have 9 classes somewhat planned out and have started working on some of their skills. If you have any recommendations for skills, leave them below. The classes are listed here: I know most of you aren't here for that, and that's alright. This server will be on the same network, but it will not be replacing the other server. I believe this server could be a very fun and unique experience for everyone and I hope you all will stick with me through these times. I apologize if any of you were hoping for the main server to come out. I just wanted to keep you all informed.

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