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Dear "KaoticMC" Hello, my name is Jordan. I have played chaospvp when it was at its prime, I played with the youtubers that played. Logdotzip, and SCMowns. This server was the first minecraft server i have ever played. I learned how to craft a diamond sword playing this server, and its downfall was extremely sad to see. As the owner 3SQ blindly gave owner to an Administrator or a Mod, One of the two. As i see this as a mistake, I show my sympathy to everybody that misses chaospvp. I sure do. But i found this site and realized that maybe we can rebuild it. Not chaos, But a better server. But in order to do that we need mature people who are looking to actually make a good server that is enjoyable to a majority of the base of players. Although i understand it is a lot of work for teenagers, (i cannot say a specific age group) But i do think it is possible. I really do miss chaos and hope to see something better rise from the ashes of the fire. I will check this site every other day for responses, But chaos was honestly a perfect server in my opinion. Although i was a little kid who had a big mouth, It was very fun to play with people. Believe it or not, I still talk to some of the people i played with today on a day to day basis! It's just a game, But it's much more when you are apart of a community that is too perfect for words. I am willing to help in any way i can! 


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