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Pre-Launch Update #1

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Hi friends, today I'm starting something that may or may not stick, not sure yet. I'll be giving you guys updates on the progress of the RPG Factions server as we finish things. I'm aiming for weekly updates, but I might not be able to keep up with it. With all that said, let's get into it.


So, in this server we're going to have 9 classes. We hope to launch a beta when we get one of each profession (Archer, Mage, Warrior) done and at least one boss finished, but that's not set in stone as we may just want to power through things and launch a test map before the full release. Right now we have Pyromancer completed entirely and I'm going to be walking through the skills. Here is the skill menu:


Fire Ball: Your main skill, this skill is required before you can use any other skill

Feel The Burn

Cleansing Flames

Flame On

Flaming Rain

Dragon Breath Your ultimate skill. I'll show a small gif of it to give you a taste of skills.

Fire At Will Now, this skill is a little different. This is one that you have to find yourself. Each class has a secret skill, and they all require you to shift with a certain item in hand. The item has something to do with the class, so be on the look out for cool things that might happen.


So that's it for now, sorry there's not much here for today but there'll probably be more in the future!







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